Brisbane CBD Connect Networking Group

Weekly networking in Brisbane’s CBD

At CBD Connect you can join a local business community within the busy, thriving Brisbane CBD.

At our weekly networking group, you can create real connections with like-minded professionals. Conveniently located at SV Partners Accountants Boardroom, Brisbane CBD, the Tuesday lunchtime meetings are the perfect interlude to the working week.

Here you can foster a professional network close to your workplace so you can build your business in your lunch break rather than taking time away from clients or family.

NRG’s Brisbane CBD Connect Group is a welcoming environment where you will gather with other business owners to increase your professional development; share your struggles and wins;  and, create a referral network that is invested in seeing your business flourish.

Experienced leadership drives CBD Connect’s success

NRG CBD Connect combines the vision of professional networker Rose Gibbens and Insolvency and Bankruptcy Lawyer Kyle Macmillan, combining with them over 15 years of combined networking experience.

Added to Rose’s proven referral meeting formula is Kyle’s dream of a weekly group that links professional business owners in the CBD without the superficiality of traditional networking events.

Kyle Macmillan is a very experienced and strategic networker within the CBD business community and is very well respected and liked by his peers. He is always looking for opportunities to connect his members with other great business people.

Attending weekly meetings allows CBD Connect members to develop more meaningful business relationships, and even friendships, with their fellow members. Linked with a commitment to success, NRG members understand and value the importance of close business relationships

“NRG CBD Connect is a great opportunity to do business with other small business owners who have integrity. Our members are honest, reliable, and willing to grow relationships.” Ryan Mooyman, Mooyman Electrical Services.

CBD Connect attracts high-quality business people who are dedicated to their personal and professional growth, and enjoy watching other businesses grow, develop, and flourish. Our members want to learn more, both about running a business and the other group members.

Connecting businesses with a trusted referral network

Brisbane CBD Connect is the perfect environment for both seasoned networkers and those that have shied away from traditional networking environments. Each business category is exclusive, and members and guests are vetted before attending meetings to ensure the friendly group dynamic is maintained.

Business education and quality referrals are key features of NRG Brisbane CBD Connect meetings, and each week features a workshop or talk from experts in a variety of fields. Our members are also encouraged to extend their networks and attend other events, both within and outside of the wider NRG family.

“We are all here to help our members to develop and grow their business. The meetings are a great opportunity to talk to other business people about your ideas, they are more like work colleagues, and I always learn a lot through the business education talk each week.” Ryan Mooyman, Mooyman Electrical Services.

NRG Brisbane CBD Connect Group Meeting Details


Tuesday Lunch from 12:00-1:30pm

Cost – Free to Visit Twice

Want to visit the group?

Contact our Membership Ambassador

Mike Hillsdon
0418 442 236

Welcome Pack

Our Members

Insolvency, Restructuring, Turnover & Forensic AccountingSV Partners
Matthew Hudson – email – 07 3310 2029

Mindset, Performance and Wellness CoachSMB Health
Sathiya (Sam) Ramakrishnan – email – 0421 454 209

Commercial, Insolvency & Debt Recovery, Property and Wills and Estates LawyerKhoury Scott & Associates
Kyle Macmillan – email – 0428 837 709

Financial Planner and Risk AdvisorMSI Taylor Wealth Management
Peter O’Callahan – email – 0433 991 168

Mortgage BrokerLutetium.Financial 
Michael Hawton – email – 0400 718 011

Commercial and Asset Finance BrokerRound Table Wealth
Josh Pickering – email – 0423 498 947

Electrician and Data CablingMooyman Electrical Solutions
Ryan Mooyman – email – 0449 664 833

Printer and Graphic DesignerWorldwide Printing
Andrew Robertson – email – 0417 278 23

Messenger Marketing – Chat Bot Agency
Mike Hillsdon – email – 0418 442 236

Accounting and Bookkeeping – Walker Hill
Nick Hill – email – 0402 708 297

Family Law and Family Law Mediation – Hartley Healy Family Law
Selena James – email – (07) 3220 1299

Business MentorJames McNamara
James McNamara – email – 0408 762 584

Digital MarketingAla Pietranik
Ala Pietranik – email – 0450 848 278

Categories Currently Available in the Group

Business Services

Commercial Real Estate Agent – Sales and Leasing
Business Broker
Computer Sales & Repairs
Residential Real Estate Agent
Office Supplier-Stationer
Business Mentor
General Insurance Broker


Copywriter & Editor


Builder Residential and Renovations
Pest and Building Inspector
Office Fit Out