Brisbane Corporate Networking Group

A networking group that caters for established businesses in the corporate sector

Corporate by name, supportive advocates by nature. NRG Brisbane Corporate is the flagship group within the NRG organisation.

The group is capped at 30 business owners: each represents an exclusive business category and was handpicked by NRG Leadership Team for their growth mindset.

The result is a positive, supportive and safe place where the serious matters of business can be aired, shared and compared among A: more experienced people who have already been there; and B: less experienced people who’ll be going through the issue of the day soon enough.

If it sounds like heavy stuff – yes, it can be.

If it sounds like it’s no fun – no, you’re wrong!

Overcoming challenges is the textbook definition of “serious fun”.

As a mixed group of ambitious micro-businesses, growth-phase small businesses and established medium-sized businesses, the men and women of NRG Brisbane Corporate come together around a single ethos: Always towards better.

Everyone contributes. From older to younger, the group is a chain of mentors. From younger to older, the group is a wellspring of energy and ideas. With careful onboarding and coaching through probation, each member comes to know, trust and advocate for all their fellow members.

This recipe, tested through years of trial and error at NRG Brisbane Corporate, has underpinned the group’s huge growth over the past 12 months. It’s now spreading to the rest of NRG too and the results speak for themselves. Parallel groups will soon be vying with us for the top rank. We welcome that too! Because growth is great. Because we’re all in this boat together.

So, if you’re thinking about joining an NRG group, feel free to come along to NRG Brisbane Corporate – we’d love to have you. The donuts are on us!

Written by Martin Rusis, Search and Site Authoring

NRG Brisbane Corporate Networking Group Meeting Details:


Tuesdays from 3:45pm-5:30pm

Cost – Free to Visit Twice

Want to visit the group?

Contact our Ambassador for Membership

Adam Jackson
Ph: 0412 323 513


Welcome Pack

Our Members

Accountant – Invigor8 Accounts & Advisers
Robert Moore– email – 0402 910 610

Bookkeeper – Avers Cloud Solutions
Nick Dorogavstev – email – 0410 399 846

Business Growth and Marketing Mentor Adam Jackson Consulting
Adam Jackson – email – 0412 323

Copywriter/ Editor – Search And Site Authoring (SASA)
Martin Rusis – email – 0487 836 569

Healthy Environmental Living – Healthy Builds
Alan Keighley – email – 0421 454 209

Business Broker Link Business
Karen Woodrow – email -0451 168 908

Financial Planner and Risk AdvisorDozzi
Ellie Fordham – email – 0408 585 254

Mortgage/Finance Broker – Presidio Finance
Gavin Blaine – email – 0424 680 890

VideographerSky Jellyfish Videos
Nik Brown – email – 0432 803 012

Digital Marketing, Printing and Web Development / DesignLead Laundry
Adam Benz – email – 07 3040 1402

Wardrobe Design – Wardrobe Design Centre
Colin Morris – email – 0411 577 011

IT – 365 Solutions Group
Tristram Morgan – email – 0499 700 800

Residential Real Estate Agent – Carol Spalding Lifestyle Properties
Carol Spalding – email – 0408 188 021

Commercial Law, Estate PlanningMitchells Solicitors
Peter Galea – email – 07 337 336 33

Categories Currently Available in the Group:

Migration Lawyer
Travel Agent
Commercial Real Estate Agent
Florist and Giftware
HR & OHS Specialist
Telecommunications Specialist
Insolvency and Bankruptcy Lawyer
Insolvency and Bankruptcy Accountant