How to Choose the Right Business Networking Group for you

How to Choose the Right Business Networking Group for you

Three Simple questions to ask yourself:

  1. Are you at every networking event that comes along and you pick up lots of business cards, but
    can’t seem to turn these cards into new clients?
  2. Do you belong to a weekly networking referral group? But are you one of the members that just
    does not seem to get the referrals given to them, that the others in your group do?
  3. You ask yourself, what am I doing wrong?

If this sounds like you, please let me share some of the answers to these questions that I have learnt over twelve years of being involved in weekly networking groups and attending lots of monthly meetings. These may seem like simple answers but in my experience they seem to be true.

7 Networking facts that will help you choose the right business networking group

Fact One: Networking is about people-lots of people from all different walks of life, different sexes, different ages and nationalities and they all attend networking events to build their businesses.

Fact Two: Networking takes time-You cannot expect to turn up one day to a networking group or event and pick up lots of new referrals. It takes time for people to get to know and trust you. It will take time before they are either going to refer to you themselves or their clients and friends

Fact Three: Networking is about building relationships of trust in the networking groups you attend: You can expedite this and I will explain how in a few minutes, but this is the first key to getting referrals and high quality connections coming to you.

Fact Four: Networkers who get lots of referrals in their weekly networking group and at monthly events, have taken the time to spend with people getting to know about them, their business and what they do and also their ideal clients.

Fact Five: You do not have to be a very outgoing person that is the ‘star in the room’ to be a great networker. Now, how awesome is that? Yes, I have proven this time and time again over twelve years of watching how people interact with each other. It is often the quieter ones that are great listeners, that people really trust. They make the people around them feel important and valued, they are not looking out to make the ‘next sale and meet someone more interesting in the room’. They are the quiet achievers that people are drawn to and trust and are fantastic connectors to other key people. They are ‘the supporters in the group. Key people.

Fact Six: Coffee Meetings are King….This is the secret of my business…….. Arranging coffee meetings for an hour with prospective new clients and key people. Taking the time to get to know them and their business over a simple cup of coffee or a pot of tea is the
most awesome return on investment (ROI) you will ever make. There is no pressure to make a sale. The conversation naturally unfolds and trust is slowly built. It is a win/win for both people at the meeting. But
make sure if you are the host, that you pay for the coffees.

Fact Seven: All networking groups are different. The key is finding the one that works best for you. There are weekly networking groups; monthly Meetup groups; Chamber of Industry group meetings; Rotary and Lions Clubs. All have a place in building your business for you.

There is no simple answer. If there is one simple answer, then it is this!
Go and visit 4 or 5 and see which one suits you best.


You will soon feel when one group ‘feels right’. It just does. Continue to go to this a couple of times to make sure that it is the right one for you. Invest your time; energy and money in it to build your business using this as your referral/business networking group. It will take a bit of time, for you to see a return for your results, but you will. I can assure you of this.

Will this work I hear you say? Yes it will.

  • If being a great and Passionate Networker were simple, then everyone would be doing it.
  • Most business people give up after only a few times and say it does not work for them.
  • Don’tgive up, great business networkers are tenacious people. They keep building business relationships of trust and then slowly and gradually, they become trusted and people. r friends.
  • Be like the Dulux add. “Keep on keeping on”
  • All you have to do is go out there and do it. That is the hardest part.
  • But talk to some of your business friends and ask them to share with you some great networking events that you can attend
  • Google Networking Groups Brisbane to find some great groups that may suit you.

This Blog is written on my personal experience over 12 years of attending weekly networking groups on a weekly basis during that time. You need to asses this alongside what you are currently doing” Rose Gibbens.

If all else fails, send me an email, as I would love to help you get started on your personal networking journey. I tell my NRG members, once you start networking properly, your business will never ever be the same again…