NRG – Code of Conduct

Business Networking Code of Conduct

This Is What We Value

  • Business Referrals are the central reason why NRG exists. NRGers actively look for referral opportunities for their fellow members.
  • Reciprocity. NRGers understand that what goes around comes around and in order to receive referrals they must first give referrals. How can I help you? is always the first thought for NRGers.
  • Trust is assumed. NRGers begin with the assumption of trust in each other and act with personal trustworthiness.
  • Commitment. Nothing worthwhile is ever achieved without commitment. NRGers are committed to the success of each week’s meeting and to the total number of referrals passed each week.
  • Collaboration not competition. NRGers respect the work that all networking groups do in the business community. NRGers creatively explore ways to collaborate with each other for mutual benefit.
  • Loyalty. Be loyal to the members of your NRG Group. Keep them in mind when you are doing business and look out for them.
  • Care enough to make a positive difference. Genuine and honest feedback is welcomed by all members.
  • Acceptance. At NRG we accept and appreciate the differences in others. It is expected that visitors and members will accept and work within the guiding philosophy of NRG.



What to Expect When You Join The NRG Team

  • Regular referrals and introductions
  • A really Fun and Positive group atmosphere
  • Association with first-class business people
  • A group of business owners who will look out for opportunities for you
  • Great business education

What the NRG Team Expects From You

  • Attend NRG meetings each week to support the leadership team and members and have fun
  • Build relationships with other members through ‘Coffee Meetings’ each week
  • Pay your dues on time
  • Bring guests to meetings
Networking Brisbane - What to Expect - Code of Conduct

NRG is a networking business that values powerful relationships as a vehicle to building each member’s business through qualified Referrals and Strategic Alliance Partnerships. This sets out the Code of Conduct required of each member to deliver on this.

NRG is an exclusive Weekly Business Networking Group for the benefit of all its members. You cannot be a member of NRG and another similar weekly business networking group.

Structure and Decision Making

NRG is a business independently owned and operated by the Director Rosemary Gibbens. It is run as multiple weekly networking groups located in various regions of Queensland. Each group is led by a three (3) person Leadership Team, appointed by the Director. The Ambassador of each group is responsible for the smooth running of the group and is supported in its role by the Assistant Ambassadors (Statistics and Membership).

The Director is advised by this Leadership Team on the efficient and effective running of the groups and issues requiring resolution, however, all decisions made by the Director are final and binding.

Meeting Attendance

✓ Part of NRG’s success formula is in the commitment each member makes to its group, which includes attendance at weekly meetings.

✓ If you are not able to attend an NRG meeting a ‘Substitute’ should be invited to represent your business.

✓ This person could be another member of your business or alternatively, an NRG member from another group that meets on a different day.

✓ During your Probation Period (first three months) only three (3) absences are acceptable.

✓ During the next nine (9) months’ membership, a maximum of five (5) absences are acceptable.

✓ Longer Medical or ‘Special Leave’ can be granted subject to approval by the Director. Please liaise with your Ambassador should this be required.

Dress Code

As this is a networking group, NRG has a responsibility to ensure appropriate dress standards are maintained by all members.

All members are required to wear traditional business attire. Traditional business attire comprises business suits for men and suits or smart casual attire for women. Acceptable clothing is defined as:

✓ Collared or crew necked shirts/blouses – no singlets or low necked tops

✓ Smart casual trousers/pants or skirts/dresses (of appropriate length) – no torn jeans or shorts

✓ Dress or leather shoes – no thongs or casual sneakers

✓ Uniforms if appropriate to your business – including polo shirts


NRG embraces and accepts members of all different races, sexes and religions. All members will be treated with consideration and respect.

Innuendos, sexist, racist, or religious comments or inappropriate language are unacceptable. There is a zero-tolerance policy for verbal or physical abuse between members, including the Director.

If a conflict or disagreement arises between members of the group, then the following course of action should occur:

1. Set up a meeting between both members to try and resolve the problem. If it cannot be resolved, then please contact your Assistant Ambassador Membership and discuss the issue with them, either by phone or face to face, not via email or text.

2. The Assistant Ambassador Membership will then set up a meeting with the two parties involved in order to resolve the conflict. If it cannot be resolved by this method, then the matter will be referred to the Ambassador, who will contact all three members of the Leadership Team to discuss the situation.

3. If the issue cannot be resolved, then this will then be referred to the Director-Rose Gibbens to intervene. When this happens if a resolution cannot be reached, then one or both member’s NRG Membership may be terminated in writing by the Director. The Director’s decision is final and binding as per the NRG Membership Contract that was signed when you became a member of your NRG Group.

4. This conflict or disagreement should be contained within the Leadership Team of the group. Gossip ordiscussion with other members within the group is not acceptable. A member’s business can be adverselyaffected

Guests and Visitors

Inviting guests from categories the group wishes to fill is encouraged, as is existing members visiting other NRG groups.

Guests are permitted to attend a maximum of two (2) meetings, before deciding to become a member of one of our groups. Please invite by emailing their details (this includes, Full Name, Business Name, Category/Industry, Phone Number and Email) to Rose and your Assistant Ambassador Membership so a personal invitation can be sent to them to attend the next week’s group meeting. Please give minimum of twenty-four (24) hours’ notice.

Your Guest may present a 1 Minute Business Talk at both meetings and their business cards may be handed to attendees but not placed in our members’ box.

If your guests’ category is taken at your group, please contact the Director so she can arrange for a visit to another group that has your Guest’s category available. Rose will then contact your guest directly to organise another visit with a group with an available business category.

NRG members attending a group other than their own are designated as a Visiting Member. A visiting member can only deliver a business talk if their category is not already represented in that group, however they may pass their business cards.

If you wish to visit another group, please notify their Assistant Ambassador Membership a minimum of 24 hrs prior to their meeting.

How does business networking works Code of Conduct

Coffee Meetings

Part of the NRG success formula is meeting weekly with other members of your own group and of other NRG groups. These are designed to deepen your knowledge of each other’s’ businesses in order to more effectively provide referrals. A coffee meeting is usually for one hour to enable equal time to discuss each business.

Clarify at the beginning any commitments which will curtail your time together.

If you initiated the coffee meeting, then begin by exploring your guest’s business before turning the spotlight on your own. The Inviter will naturally pay for the refreshments. A coffee meeting between members of other NRG groups should be recorded during the weekly meeting on ‘The Coffee Meeting Sheet’ which will be circulated.

Weekly Education, Brainstorming and Member Spotlight Segment

These sessions are another key component of NRG’s success formula. They can be conducted by any members who feels they can help the group to develop themselves or their business. This is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge on relevant topics, as our ‘Industry Expert’. Every member is encouraged to participate in this.

If you would like to present an education or brainstorming session, please contact the Speaker Coordinator of your group. The Leadership Team will review all offerings and prepare a calendar of topics.

If you would like to be a part of a Member Spotlight Interview, please contact your Speaker Coordinator. They will need to contact your groups’ interviewer three (3) weeks in advance. Your interviewer will need time to have a coffee meeting with you to prepare questions.

NRG has purchased a data projector and portable screen for use by members to present their education talk. Please let your Ambassador know if you wish to use this. You can promote your session by posting it as an event on Facebook and writing a short article for the NRG Groups Facebook page. Please forward this onto the Director.

Electronic Media

In the digital age it is acknowledged that electronic media will not only be used during meetings but also for NRG communication and promotion.

Laptops, tablets and mobiles are all acceptable at meetings, however all are to be muted. Please feel free to use these to take notes and post social media updates promoting elements of the meeting, however, please refrain from accessing emails or taking calls during the meeting.

If you are expecting an important phone call, then please let the Ambassador know prior to the meeting. Then step outside quietly and take your call.

Contribution to the NRG websites and social media sites is encouraged as a method of sharing insights with your fellow members and promoting NRG to others. However, postings that reflect negatively on the NRG brand and hence may impact the brand of those businesses associated with NRG are unacceptable.