Coffee Meetings That Convert. The Proven Method of Growing My Business – Coffee Meetings

coffee meetings are the key how to build business networking referrals

Too Easy! Drinking coffee and getting a new client. How can that happen?

This method has worked for me now for over 12 years. Let me explain:

How do you have low cost, non-gender bias, and professional meeting?

  1. Set expectations for the meeting. We have an hour to chat. In the first 3o minutes, You talk! This will give us time for you teach me about your business, and how I can help find the right connections for you. At the half-hour mark, I will share with you information about my business.
  2. The Meeting. Please go first, and give them 30 minutes of your undivided attention. They would check their watch saying, “Your turn, I really want to know what you do and how I can help you?” Now you have a person who is keen to know all about you and what you do and the services you offer and how you can help them and their business colleagues.
  3. It Works! Does this work, you may say? Well yes, it does! It works really well and I have built my business doing just this. Not only my business, but I have taught all my members the same thing and they are now using this exact same method to bring new clients into their growing businesses.
  4. In Conclusion. So if you would like to learn how to be able to convert your clients by having a cup of coffee?
    Give me a call and let’s chat over a coffee of course!