The Difference between a Dream and a Goal is a Plan -‘What is yours’?


With The start of the New Business Year 2018 in January, it is a good time to sit down and write out not only your Business Plan for the year ahead, but also Your Networking Plan to guide you.

In a Business Plan you write down some of the following things:

  • Financial Goals
  • Financial Goals
  • Marketing Goals
  • Growth Goals
  • Staff Goals
  • Your Dream Goals – Those big audacious goals

Your 2018 Networking Goals

Here is some great suggestions from a Networking Specialist who understands the benefits of having a Networking Plan in Brisbane. I have been involved in networking groups at leadership level for 9+ years and along the way I have learnt some excellent ways to build a strong referral based networking business. Over the next 7 days I will share with you ‘Rose’s Top 7 Tips’.

Day 1 Tip is: Add 3 Coffee Meetings to your week. Who shall I contact, I hear you ask me?

  1. New contacts and connections you want to turn into new clients
  2. First time clients that you want to continue doing business with. Repeat business is easier business the second time around. Be their trusted connection.
  3. Established Clients that you have a great relationship with already and that will be happy to refer new clients to you. How many times do we take these clients for granted? We only need to ask to get a new Referred Client, but you need to be specific in who you ask for.
  4. Remember the old saying – ‘A Referred Client is the Best Client’!!!!!
  5. Set aside half a day a week for 3 x 1 hour coffee meetings at a café near you and get your clients to come to you. This saves time and increases your success rate as you are concentrating on this one task for the allotted time. I have found this work really well for me and greatly increased my new members to my group.
    Turn off your phone and put it in your bag. Concentrate on your client. They will really appreciate this and respond to you better when you show them that they are the most important person at that time to you and you are really listening to them.

Your comments and feedback are most welcome. Not everyone will agree with what I say, but this is how I have gone about building 4 strong Boutique Weekly Networking Groups in Brisbane.