Networking and High Integrity in Business

When you talk about this subject in networking groups, everyone has a different opinion on what this really means. Let’s explore this a little more this morning to see if we can work out how these two things are interlocked and why they are so important in business and in networking also.

Remember the old saying ‘You do business with those you know, like and trust’. Well this is the next step along that same path. I am sure that you have come across this in your business journey before.

Five Key Points:

Point 1 – It helps to know the person we want to do business with:

We all know many different people in business during our daily interactions with them.

Do we get to know all of the people that we meet? Well no we don’t, do we?

Do people stand out to you and you think to yourself, ‘I really like that person and I would like to get to know them a lot better and find our more about them and their business’.

This is human nature. We are attracted to different characteristics in people. So when you come across such people, don’t just let that opportunity pass you by. Stop and talk to them and organise to catch up with them again through a phone call or a Coffee Meeting.

If you want to build a strong network of good business associates, why not build it with people that you like!

Point 2 – It helps if we like the person we want to do business with:

Like and respect to me go hand in hand. When we like someone, we feel comfortable with them. We find that we have things in common with them and we want to explore this feeling and take measures to deepen this relationship. Think about the business people that you are currently doing business with. Are these people that you met and liked and did go onto form a deeper relationship with. We are often attracted to people like ourselves. But I know that the people that are quite opposite to me in temperament are my most treasured friends. They have qualities that I find complement my skills and that I know that I can trust. That is a strange thing about friendships. Friendships in business you will find to be fairly similar as to ones we have in our normal lives.

Point 3 – It helps if we trust the person we want to do business with:

My Dad was a very wise man and he would often say to me, ‘Trust is built over time, it does not happen at once’. I have found during my life that this is indeed true. Trust is measured in time taken to get to know someone. Trust is something that takes time to develop but is easy to break when someone does the wrong thing by you. Usually we will give them another chance, we will forgive that person, but we do not forget. I think that we don’t. We store it away in our brain and it stays there as a memory. When that person does wrong by us again, we then remember back to that last time and we are often reluctant to forgive the second time. It certainly will take us more time to come to that decision of giving them one more chance. But on the third time, we will rarely give someone another chance.We become wary of that person and think to ourselves can I really trust them? If we answer no, then often we just do not :want to continue to be around them. Once trust is broken then it is nearly impossible to restore that friendship again. Is this wrong? Well no I don’t think it is. We need to make sure that our in our lives are the people that we do know, like and trust. This is what makes us happy and content as people. We strive to have peace and harmony in our lives and when this is not happening, then our lives feel out of sync.

Point 4 – High Integrity in Business is so Important:

When you deal with people in business you want to know that they have a good name; that people trust them to do business with; that they honour what they say that they will do for you; that they will give you value for service; that they will fix something if it is not working properly for you. All of these things together mean we trust someone. It takes time to build a business, but high integrity with all of your dealings in business is essential. Businesses that have this ethos ‘shine in the business world like beacons on a hill’. Be that person that others say, you can trust that person as they always have high integrity in their business dealings with everyone.

Point 5 – Stand Apart from Others in Business:

We all have competitors in business.

We may do similar things, but it is important to your clients, that they know what makes your business different. You need to be able to articulate this message. In your face to face dealings with your clients; with your branding; with your social media; with your flyers; with your participation in networking events. You need a common theme. You clients need to know what you stand for, what is your point of difference. Let it be that you are passionate about your business, that you offer outstanding client service, that your clients can trust you and your word; that you do stand up for what is right in your business.

Our business world needs these strong business owners that do shine their beacon brightly for having High Integrity in Business. The world needs strong business leaders.