Networking with Passion in 8 Easy Steps

business networking builds great referrals

A Passionate Networker is someone who truly loves meeting new people and learning new business ideas.

I have always enjoyed meeting new people and finding out ‘Their Story’.

From knowing only 6 people six years ago when I first arrived in Brisbane, to now being recognised as a professional networker, that truly cares about her members has been an interesting journey. Helping my members to build a strong referral based business, is a story of tenacity, hard work and a ‘never ever give up attitude’.

To be a great networker you need to have ‘a givers attitude’. Not doing or helping people for a quick return, but rather to see that this is a long-term commitment to people that you meet.

People can tell the difference.

Go to a networking event with a plan in mind. These simple steps are what I do:

  1. Who do you want to meet today?
  2. Take my business cards with me in a business card holder
  3. Take a photo on your phone camera of the business cards that you collect so you don’t lose them. Put the date and venue on them, so you can remember that person
  4. Take a notebook, to write up notes about the event and the people that you meet, that you want to follow up and connect with again
  5. Dress professionally, smile, be warm and genuine
  6. Don’t gossip or complain about other business people or businesses
  7. Follow up the people that you meet at the event the following morning and book a coffee meeting with them, to find out more about them and their business
  8. Enjoy networking and you will find that this is a great way to increase your business connections and to grow your client base.