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Discover How NRG's Brisbane Business Networking Groups Can Bring Qualified, Quality Referrals To Your Business

Networkers Referral Group (NRG) is committed to helping business owners and professionals create a strong, referral-based business through business networking.
Brisbane is full of business opportunities. At NRG, you'll discover exactly how to take advantage of them.

Why Referrals?

People prefer to do business with those they know and trust. When someone recommends your business to a friend or client through a referral, they're expressing a huge deal of trust in your services. And because referrals are all about trust, they're not lukewarm like most leads. Instead, they're red hot, powerful, and effective.
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Our Formula Is Simple, Yet Effective

Before you can generate referrals for your business, you need to make the right connections with the right people through networking. At NRG, you'll be admitted to a vast network of generous, high calibre business people in our Brisbane business networking groups. You'll also receive the training and support you need to build strategic alliances that will bring a steady flow of qualified referrals to your business.

A Personal Approach To Your Business Success

Networkers Referral Group is owned and directed by Rose Gibbens. Rose's hands-on approach is the secret to NRG's success. She makes it her business to understand you and your business, and works tirelessly to help you identify the ideal people to network and connect with. With Rose on your team, you can be sure that those connections will happen.

Get Connected Today

Are you ready to make the right connections and generate more business through a steady flow of quality referrals?

Call Rose today on 0478 201 866, or send us a message via the contact page. We look forward to welcoming you to NRG.   

Want to learn more?

Watch the videos to hear stories from NRG members about how NRG's  Brisbane business networking circles have helped their businesses flourish and grow.


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