7 Great Tips to Start Your Day

7 Great Tips to Start your day

Are You a Morning Person OR a Night Owl?

If you follow these 7 great tips to start your day it will not matter as it will set you up for a great day ahead. Try it for a month and notice the difference!!!

  1. Choose what you are going to wear the previous night and lay it out before going to bed.
  2. Write your To Do List the night before, so you are ready to start
  3. Set your alarm to wake you up 30 mins early so you can get up and have 2 glasses of water and a brisk walk or bike ride to start your day
  4. Have a healthy breakfast
  5. Facebook and emails come after breakfast
  6. Don’t forget to have a Weekend Plan as well, so you don’t waste this precious time
  7. Monitor your morning habits for a month to start a new routine.

I hope by implementing these 7 simple steps you will have a more productive and happier day. Rose Gibbens NRG