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Audrey: To be Lucky or to be Skilled?

I was having a philosophical discussion with Rachael on the train, hundred percent sober, and we stumbled upon the conversation about skills versus luck. Rachael ultimately chose skill,  I made the argument for luck, no one was a winner in every sense of the word. This philosophical discussion went on way too long, but it led to me wondering the ultimate question, if one had to choose should you choose luck or skill? I believe that luck and skill needs to be woven together to have the best outcome, you can’t be successful without both.

Luck always has an impact on one’s life for instance, my first true weekend in Brisbane, one where I was not jetlagged and nervous about my new internship, was spectacular! A few friends and I went down to the Golden Coast. Prior to going to the Gold Coast I knew nothing, except that it was a beach. I would be told later, by a local, that the Gold Coast is considered a tourist trap.  However, my group of friends and I found it to be a fantastic place. The process of getting to the beach, using public transport, was painless. We hopped on a train, plus one bus, and boom we were there! We spent a few hours lying in the sun, playing in the warm water, and relaxing.  Near the end of the day one of my friends suggested that our group travel up to Surfers Paradise. I had reservations, but I decided to go with the flow, my mind emphasizing the common phrase “go along, to get along”.  And I couldn’t be more happier that I did. It was the most amazing luck, the same day that we decide to go to the beach, Surfers Paradise was hosting an international firework competition.  We stumbled into this once a year spectacular event. We sat on the beach, on a warm night, watching China and the Philippines give firework performances that would shame Disneyland. Australia, for added fun and not a part of the competition, also amazed us with a firework performance. The claps and the shouts of the crowd for each show was electric.

This astonishing entertaining event was discovered by pure dumb luck. My friends and I were treated to something that I have never experienced before because we tripped over it.  Luck is a funny thing like that, it will come out of nowhere and either smack you upside the head or give you dazzling treasures. Luck is not something you can predict, but it is something you can prepare for. The unlucky moments in life are always softened when you have developed skills to counter balance the bad luck or emphasize the good luck. Skills should never be underestimated.

Like I said before luck and skill are both need to work together to create a good outcome. I was lucky enough to be able to attend a seminar by Presentation Boss. I learned so much about how to give better presentations and develop your ability to speak in public during this fascinating workshop.  Skills are a necessity in business, and in life.  If luck is the only thing someone relies on, one day it’ll run out and they will be screwed. Skills are something that you can always develop and hone.

As a young college student getting to explore Australia, I fully admit that I’m lucky, but I’m developing skills that I will be able to use for the rest of my life. The workshop that I was able to attend taught me tricks to lessen my nerves and how to be confident during my presentations.  I’m now so excited to apply those skills and I’m looking forward to my public speaking opportunity.

Luck is like flipping a coin, but skill is an undeniable force. Without luck I would not be given these opportunities, but skills are needed to take full advantage. It’s important that luck and skill go hand-in-hand. Luck will give you so many great opportunities, but it is important you have the skills to truly take advantage of those opportunities. I’m hoping that my luck holds up, but I have new skills just in case.

Till next time,
Audrey Lane