Thoughts from the intern

Audrey: Lost and Found

There is a negative view of being lost, it is associated with panic and fear. My first week was… Crazy.

I was running around lost and bewildered just trying to find my footing. I can laugh now, but at one point I was running blocks back to the train station because I forgot to “tap off”. While running downhill in heels and a black blazer as the sun beat down on my back, a thought kept screaming in my head,“What did I get myself into?”. Being lost isn’t all bad, this week, I have seen the positive parts of being lost and it’s moments of humor.

Meeting Rachael for the first time was just wandering around Brisbane City exploring. We ended up at the iconic “Pancake Manor”, I was thrilled beyond belief. It was the first time since landing in Australia that I was able to have the traditional breakfast. Their “Bacon” was closer to American ham, but still close enough for me to love it.

Rose was a delight to meet and talk to. But a second later, just like that, I was lost again. The first day of any job, in my experience, precipitates anxiety. Listening to my new schedule and my duties was a stress inducing moment. The list of my responsibilities just kept growing. I’ve discovered that when you are drowning in anxiety a simple trick can help, just keep breathing. I know simple, but breathing should not be underestimated. If you keep breathing you can find your way. My deep breaths helped lessen my anxiety, but still I was pretty panicked about if I could be successful in this Internship.

My second day was less stressful, but just barely. Sitting in a meeting I felt like a kid playing dress-up. I didn’t know what to do, and I was lost on how to act. So I just sat there quietly munching on snacks and absorbed. Rachael was like a big sister that got me into trouble. During a stressful moment in the meeting she encouraged me to eat candy, which happened to be the loudest thing in the world to eat. During a tense moment of silence all you could hear was me cracking the hard candy, nearly breaking my teeth as I chewed, and the muffled laughter of Rachael as she watched. It was all in good fun, she ending up relieving some of my stress about being in that meeting. Like I said the moments of feeling lost are not always bad, they can lead to laughter.

Speaking of being lost, Rachael’s driving. On my third day, like the sweetheart she is, Rachael offered to drive me. I quickly learned that having a local drive you, does not mean that you will not get lost. Rachael drives where she wants to go, ignoring the GPS entirely. Rather than panicking, I just laughed as she cursed, trying to figure out why she kept going the wrong way. Discovering different parts of Brisbane while Rachael and I drove every way possible was great fun. Being lost is not necessarily a bad thing, it might change your perspective.

One can’t know what will change their perspective whether it is being loss on the road, or wandering around a new city. For anyone who is running around to fix a mistake or panicking because you’re confused about what you’re supposed to be doing, just take a deep breath and remember the journey is not a straight line so just keep laughing.

For those in new positions that don’t quite have their footing, remember to keep breathing and don’t be afraid to get lost.

My first week at work is finished and it was full of fun and experiences, even if I did get lost a few times…

Till Next Time,

Audrey Lane