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Business Networking: Money Wasting Traps

Business Networking is about helping you build a strong base of valued clients. I am going to share with you my business networking journey and some of the pitfalls and mistakes that I have made along the way. One of these is definitely wasting money on networking events that do not give me a return […]

Small Business Networking: 10 Common Mistakes People Make

Business Networking was a totally new concept to me eleven years ago when I was living in Devonport in Tasmania. A business colleague invited me along to his BNI Mersey Chapter meeting one early morning in March 2006. I had never heard of this business concept, but I was curious to know more. I was […]

Leadership in Business-Is This Really Important?

Yes I believe it is essential to have leadership qualities in business. Strong business ethics, honesty and determination help you stand out from your competitors. You cannot run a successful business without strong leadership qualities and having integrity in business. People need to trust you. I am going to look at the different aspects of being […]

Networking Tip – Be a Strong Leader

In networking circles with so many marketing gurus, get rich quick schemes and people professing to be experts in lots of different fields of business, who is the real deal?  This is often really confusing & risky when you are not sure. Let’s look at these 3 points about a great and inspirational leader and explore them. […]

Follow-Up is King

In eleven years of professional networking, I have found that this is one of the most common mistakes people make. They make a great first impression with a business person that they meet at an event and then they forget to contact them again. Follow up builds trust and ensures that your prospective client knows […]

Building Your Referral Business Hub

“Building Your Business Is Firstly About Building Your Team Around You” – Rose Gibbens Are you a Sole Trader or a Small Business Owner, but you do not have staff yet? How can you build your business without taking on staff and extra debt you may well ask? Well lean in and listen carefully, because […]

Networking and Nurturing Your Prospective Clients

“Nurturing takes place before harvesting”… Rose Gibbens Networking is one of the very first steps in obtaining new clients. Learning how to network effectively is the key to building a strong base of referred clients and increasing your cash flow. Networking is a step by step process of building trust and confidence in you as a […]