Weekly lunch networking in Brisbane’s CBD

At Brisbane Rainmakers Group, you can join a local business community within the busy Toowong shopping village..

At our weekly networking group, you can create real connections with like-minded business professionals. Conveniently located at Level 9/9 Sherwood Road, Toowong. Wednesday lunchtime meetings are the perfect complement to the working week.

Here you can foster a professional network, so that you can build your business in your lunch break, rather than taking time away from clients or family.

NRG’s Brisbane Rainmakers Group is a welcoming environment where you will meet with other business owners to increase your professional development; share your struggles and wins;  and, create a referral network that is excited in seeing your business flourish and succeeded..

Experienced leadership drives Brisbane Rainmakers’ success

NRG Brisbane Rainmakers combines the vision of professional networker Rose Gibbens and Lawyer Thomas Cane, an experienced accountant with strong leadership skills and both have ‘‘a big heart’ for their members’

Attending weekly meetings allows Brisbane Rainmakers members to develop more meaningful business relationships, and even friendships, with their fellow members. We are committed to supporting each other’s business and finding the right referrals and connections to help build a referral based business.

Brisbane Rainmakers attracts high-quality business people who are dedicated to their personal and professional growth, and enjoy watching other businesses grow, develop, and flourish. Our members want to learn more, both about running a business and the other group members. Our philosphy of being a well connected TEAM is the secret to our close-knit group.

Connecting businesses with a trusted referral network

“Brisbane Rainmakers is for both experienced networkers as well as those beginning their networking journey. We have all the systems and training in place to help our first time networkers succeed”. Rose Gibbens – NRG Director 

Business education and quality referrals are key features of NRG Brisbane Rainmakers meetings, and each week features a workshop or talk from experts in a variety of fields. Our members are also encouraged to extend their networks and attend other events, both within and outside of the wider NRG family.

The ideal members for our Brisbane Rainmakers Group are:-

  1.  Business owners who have been in business for three + years and want to now add Networking to attract new high quality clients.
  2. Senior Associates within their company, who want to build a solid business base of Referral Partners to be able to expand their network and refer their clients to trusted service providers. 

NRG Brisbane Rainmakers Group meets every Wednesday from 11:45am to 1.30pm at the Boardroom, Level 9/9 Sherwood Road, Toowong.

NRG Brisbane Rainmakers Networking Group Meeting Details:

Wednesday from 11:45am – 1:30pm

Cost – Free to Visit Twice

Address: Level 9/9 Sherwood Rd, Toowong QLD 4066

Want to visit the group?

Contact our Membership Ambassador

Rose Gibbens
Ph: 0478 201 866
E: rose@nrggroups.com.au

Welcome Pack

Our Members

Bank ManagerBank Of Queensland
Ronnye Pepi – email – 0408 189 985

Financial PlannerMy Financial Design
Luke Hanson – email – 0423 773 713

Accountant – Goodwill Charted Accountant
Thomas Cane – email – 0487 268 028

Conveyancing & Wills and Estate Planning Lawyer – Remax United Vision
Roland Taylor – email – 0402 654 634

Categories Currently Available in the Group:

Business Broker
Commercial Real Estate Agent
Family Lawyer
General Insurance Broker
IT, Computer Sales and Hosting
Insolvency and Bankruptcy Lawyer
Insolvency and Bankruptcy Accountant
Pest and Building Inspector
Social Media Specialist
Digital Marketing