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Business and Passion – Do They Go Together?

Shut your eyes and think of what a Monday would be like if you were not Passionate about Your Business…

  • You would not want to get out of bed
  • You would not want to go to work
  • You would not want to talk to people
  • You would not want the phone to ring
  • You would not want any custormers to walk into your shop
  • You would not want to talk to your staff
  • You would not want to sit in your office planning your week ahead
  • You would not want to meet with business colleagues

Some Mondays we might feel like this, but it would not take too many Mondays before we did not have a business anymore! I have met some business people that act and talk like this. Have you?


Well then what makes a great business person? My answer is Passion for their business and their clients.

Have you met business people that you have instantly liked, that made you feel really special and listened to what you wanted and then supplied the exact thing? These are the business people that you want to use and to refer your friends to as well. They leave a lasting impression on you and you feel positive around them.

Be Mediocre or Be Passionate about your Business. The choice is Simple and it is yours to make, no-one elses.

Rose Gibbens – Networkers Referral Group (NRG)