Networking Builds Self Confidence

Have You Always Wanted to Network – But You Were Too Timid To Try?

Being part of a Weekly Networking Group will help give you the courage to overcome your fears. With Courage comes opportunities that you have not  yet discovered. You will find that being part of a networking group will link you with positive, supportive people that will help and encourage you. With practice each week, you will get the opportunity to stand and give your 1 Minute Business Talk about  your business. When you share this with other members of the group, you will  find that they are really interested in you and what your business sells or what services you offer your clients. You will find week by week you will get better and better at presenting your Business Talk. Practice makes Perfect!!!

IMG_0890 Seven Tips To Help You:

* Prepare your talk beforehand & time your 60 seconds and adjust your talk to this time

* When it is your turn to present your Business Talk, stand, smile and read your talk

* Write down your Name and your Business Name on a piece of paper

* Name one Product or Service your business does

* Explain briefly about that product or service-2 lines only

* Name who is a good Referral or Connection for you

* Repeat your name and your business name and then sit back back down

Good luck, grow in confidence and ability and your Sales Will Greatly Increase….