Business Networking Quiz

Circle one of the following answers for each question

a) Meeting with other business people
b) Giving referrals and connecting people
c) Both of these

2. What is the advantage of attending a weekly business networking meeting?

a) You get heaps of leads
b) The best place to meet like-minded business people to give and receive referrals and connections
c) It is a great place to meet other business people

3. Why only one person per profession in a networking group?

a) So that you do not fight over new clients
b) So you get a bigger ‘piece of the pie’
c) As we want highly qualified members who are specialists in their industry

4. How do you know that the members in the group are reputable?

a) We check them out on Facebook first to make sure that they do not say stupid things
b) Check out their business via LinkedIn; Facebook; Google
c) The Leadership Team gives ‘them a good look over’ when they come to the first week as a guest.

5. What is a Coffee Meeting?

a) A good time to catch up on what has been happening in each other’s businesses
b) An ideal time to have a meal and a coffee with a business friend
c) It is so that you can find out about each other’s business and how you are able to refer or connect them to an ideal client. Learn about them and get to know and trust them.

6. What if someone joins and does shoddy work?

a) Tell the other members not to use them
b) Do not give them any referrals and keep quiet so as not to spoil his/her reputation
c) Report it immediately to your Leadership Team to investigate the matter

7. What happens at the meetings?

a) We meet up with other business people to get to know one another
b) We build relationships of trust with one another, so that we can pass Referrals and Connections to each other
c) We have a good time and make new friends

8. What sort of people are best suited to be good networkers?

a) Outgoing and confident people
b) Meticulous people who take good notes and record all of their coffee meetings in and file away
c) Anyone can learn to be a good networker. It just takes time and practise and a willingness to connect with other people and have a positive and giving attitude

9. What business categories are the most popular at weekly networking groups?

a) Professional services – accountants, lawyers, financial planners, bookkeepers etc
b) No real specific category. Just the individual who wants to build a good business network
c) Tradies – electrician, plumber, builder, painter etc

10.What is the biggest advantage of being in a weekly networking group?

a) You meet other great business people
b) It gives you a solid foundation to build your business from via referrals and connections
c) It is a great opportunity to get out of the office each week and socialise

Your Scoring Result:- 1 point for each correct answer Your Total Score =
I will publish the answers Tuesday in my next Networking Now Blog