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Networking = Successful Business People

Rose’s 3 Top Secrets for Successful Business People

Secret One: Prepare before you attend a networking event

Sounds simple doesn’t it-but ask yourself: How many times have you turned up to a networking event and you have forgotten to put your business cards, pen and a small notebook or diary in your bag or portfolio holder. You have met a business person that you would like to catch up with again as they will be a great connection for your business and you cannot take down their details. This looks very unprofessional. So always be prepared before you step out of the door of a morning.

Secret Two: Take a ‘Wingman’ with you to the networking event.

  • This is probably one of the most successful networking tips I use as a professional networker. Take a good business friend  with you to the event (Wingman). Before you enter the networking event, meet outside and hand each other 4 business cards and then decide what two business categories that you are looking for today. Tell each other. Walk in together and then separate. You are now looking for your Wingman’s two identified people and they are looking for yours. Ask your friends at the event if they know anyone in the room that they can introduce you to for your Wingman. Ask the host or hostess as well and then ask for an introduction.
  • Once you have found the identified person, introduce yourself and say that your business associate Mr John Smith is looking for a connection for  a ? for his/her business network. May I introduce you to John. I have never ever had anyone say No. This will then show people that you are interested in making quality connections for others and you have a ‘givers attitude’. This works for me everytime. I have made great connections for my members using this method and they have found new guests for my networking groups for me as well.

Secret Three: Follow up your new connection the next morning

  • No Spamming, no emailing… A Phone call is the most effective here!!
  • Pick up the phone and call them personally. You will now stand out from the crowd
  • Arrange to meet up later in the week at a cafe near them for a coffee meeting.
  • You have done the hard work, now start to build a relationship of trust with this new business person

To be a great networker you need to enter the room with confidence and be passionate about your business and helping your business associate with his. Try this for yourself at your next networking event that you attend and let me know how you go.

Rose Gibbens – Director NRGcrossing our paths