Optimistic People and Weekly Networking Groups!


Optimistic and Successful  People are attracted  to Weekly Networking Groups…just like a magnet.

You will find  optimistic people in lots of weekly networking groups as they have learnt this is where the positive and smart business people hang out…

A weekly networking group is usually held during breakfast time of a morning from 7.00-8.30am. At NRG we have found that afternoon meetings work best for us. This is simply a personal choice on the part of the Directors and Members within the groups and what suits their businesses best.

There is no right or wrong answer.
Business can often be a very lonely place. This is where the support and friendships of other like minded business people is such a great benefit. Ideas, problems and solutions are shared amongst the members as trust is built weekly over time. This is via Weekly Coffee Meetings, Social Outings and Combined Networking Group Events. This all grows a strong business community of trust between all of its members.


Optimistic People and Weekly Networking Groups

It has been my experience over a number of years that the optimistic, positive people usually are on the Executive or Leadership Teams within Weekly Networking Groups. Why? Well simply put, because they inspire trust that other members are willing to follow. If you have not had the opportunity as a business owner to become a member of a Weekly Networking Group in Brisbane, here are three different groups that I can highly recommend that you go and visit as a guest. Most networking groups will allow you to attend twice as a guest before deciding whether you wish to become a member of their group.

Just Google them:

  • Networkers Referral Group (NRG)
  • Business Networking International (BNI)
  • Key Business Networking (KBN)