Surround Yourself With Positive People!

Surround Yourself with Positive People!  Negative People = Poor Productivity

Have you ever noticed when you are around people that whinge and complain that they bring about a change in your own personal mood? We all have negative friends in our  lives, but we can limit the time that we spend with them.

My advice is surround yourself with Positive People that inspire you to work smarter not harder, that lift you up by their enthusiasm and vibrancy.

It is your choice. We all have that ‘Negative Nellie’ in our families, but luckily we do not have to be around them very often. So be nice, be patient but go and find ‘Positve Pete’ at the family BBQ and be lifted up by being around him.

In business it is sometimes difficult to handle negative clients, but if you always smile and be positive in your own manner around them, mostly you will add a smile and a sparkle to their day and they will always think well of you and enjoy being around you.

So my advice is: To be positive in business, be with the people that inspire and motivate you to greater business success…..