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Audrey: The Time of a Life

Time is a mercurial creature.

I’ve been in Australia for a month now and yet I have settled into a routine, as if I’ve been living here far longer. At the same time, I only have a month left and it seems the time will be gone in ‘the blink of an eye’.

During my stay here, I keep noticing that it is the little things which can make me feel homesick. For instance, I miss American donuts. Anywhere I go in Australia, the only donuts they seem to have are the sugar and cinnamon ones. Calling a sugar and cinnamon donut a ‘donut’ is like calling a puddle an ocean; technically it’s correct, but it is a gross understatement.

Another thing that takes my breath away, every time, is the difference in the price of things. I went to a burger place the other day with a friend and spent $13 on a burger! I find that here in Australia even a simple McDonald’s Happy Meal is more expensive by a few Australian dollars than in the USA. Another difference, which again seems like a small thing, is with the Happy Meal choices. The ordering options are either three chicken nuggets, or six chicken nuggets; I miss being able to order four chicken nuggets.  However, there is one thing that feels like a huge difference, the customer service experience in restaurants.  It starts with how a customer is expected to order and receive the food in restaurants here.  Walking up to the bar to order your meal, even in the somewhat fancier restaurants, is a very alien experience for me. Add to this confusion the custom of sometimes having the food delivered to your table by wait staff, but at other times waiting to pick the food up. And if you happen to be at a restaurant that does have table service, you need to stare very hard at the waiters, in order to telepathically communicate with them, so they will come to your table. Now after this excessive amount of criticism, one might think that I absolutely hate Australia, but that could not be further from the truth.

Australia is an amazing place and living here has been a great experience. The people I have met have been warm and welcoming.  I think what I am going to miss the most, when I get back to the States, most likely will be the atmosphere of Brisbane as a city.  Brisbane’s energetic and youthful vibe is truly enjoyable. I love walking around with a friend and just experiencing the cities ebb and flow. The public transportation is another thing, I shall surely miss when I’m back on Bart. The ease in which you can travel is fantastic.  But I’m positive what I will miss most of all is the chocolate.  Cadburys chocolate, I must admit, is far superior to USA’s Hershey chocolate.  Although Cadburys isn’t strictly Australian, I still give Australia so much credit for selling it everywhere.  And “thank you” for that!

My time here in Australia hasn’t been entirely about eating chocolate and wandering around, I have also been learning so many different things at NRG. I’ve been learning about the procedures and dedication that goes into owning your own business. I’ve been learning about the intricacies of networking. And I’ve also been learning about myself, and what I hope to have in my future career. As an Intern, my ultimate goal this summer, or winter, or wherever whichever hemisphere you’re in, was to see what I want to do after I graduate college. I believe that I am one step closer to figuring that out. So for that reason alone, this has been an invaluable experience, one that I will not soon forget, no matter how much time goes by.

Untill net time

Audrey Lane