Weekly Networking Groups – Does One Size Fit All?


 No, Not In My Opinion

Weekly Networking Groups – focused on your business success


Three years ago in a little back room at Stones Corner Bookstore I started a  weekly networking group with a difference: NRG  focused on our members, not on money and numbers!

We introduced a 3 months Probationary Membership , not a membership period where you were ‘locked-in’for 12 months

We dedicated 25 minutes to business education and brainstorming at each weekly meeting

All the ‘sage networkers’ told me this would never work!!

We selected members on only 3 criteria

1. Do they have High Integrity in Business?

2. Do they have a ‘Givers Attitude’?

3. Do they have a ‘Collaborative Mindset’? 

Three years on, we now have 4 groups across Brisbane. NRG is opening it’s 5th group, NRG Gold Coast Corporate Group on Friday 8th May at Surfers Paradise. We have grown from strength to strength and all along we have held strongly to these 3 criteria since day one.

Every one of NRGents is an individual entrenpreneur who has risked much to start and grow their own business. My responsibility as Director of NRG, is to work alongside them, encourage and show by example how to become a professional networker and build a strong base of Referred Clients and Quality Connections. We are doing just that.

If you would like to belong to a networking group that nurtures and educates each of it’s members, then come along for a guest visit to see why we are like this seagull above…..

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